My Best Friends Wedding.

ash and lu
I can’t begin to explain how honored I feel to be part of their love story and be my best friend’s bestman. Cheers to the start of a greater chapter in their lives. — Geek in Chic

First off I’d like to apologize to everyone, in most weddings the bestman’s speech is supposed to be funny, full of wit and laughter, well that won’t be the case for mine. If you know me, you will know that I am the most emotional, sentimental, biggest crybaby ever.

To be honest I’m still very highly confused on why Lucas chose me to be his best man. I think he just wanted to laugh at someone with a very squeaky high pitched voice. But that’s what’s cool about Lucas, what you see is what you get. My dear good friend over here is caring, loyal, a good listener, but overall the biggest asshole. I kid you not he has made every person from our group of friends cry at one point or another and he has absolutely no shame in that.

miguel and lu 1

I want to say that I lucked out. Usually when you are part of the wedding party you are there because you happen to be friends with the bride or groom. Both of these wonderful people happen to be two of my best friends. So I don’t know who to be more concerned for Lucas because he got married to the crazy cat lady or Ashley for digging up someone out of the grave. Just kidding. I lucked out because in both of these two being my friends, I got to witness their love story form both sides, the bad, the good, EVERYTHING. I remember one night, we might have only been friends for about 4/5 months and we were out and about at some bar. Ashley and the girls needed to go to the bathroom, so Lucas and I stayed back to hold back the fort. As they were walking away he turns and looks at me and says “Miguel, I love her.” I didn’t know if he was telling me this because he wanted my approval, or because he was that drunk, regardless though, I knew that Lucas was going to be around for a while if not the long run. Thankfully we got him for the long run, and I couldn’t be any more happier.

When Ashley started dating Lucas, I didn’t gain another friend, I got an older brother. When you have brother you get to learn from one another, So Lucas I want to thank you.I want to thank you for teaching me what it means to love. I want to thank you for teaching me how to make someone feel loved. We all know the Ashley is such a beautiful, gorgeous girl, but I see the way your face illuminates as soon as she walks into a room and you look at her as if she was the only one in there. It’s a look that has passion, joy, adventure, commitment. It’s a look that says, “how is the world did I get so lucky to have you be my partner and my best friend for life.

ash luI see the way you make her laugh, the way you make her feel safe and protected; I see the way you make her feel loved. I don’t necessarily need to be one of her best friends to see that, anybody can because your love towards each other is that big. I’ve seen your love overcome obstacles, and that is a relationship worth admiring.Lucas you are the reason why I’ve learned not to settle and love with my all. To find a partner that challenges me but supports me with all my flaws.

Ashley Lucas, thank you for letting me, and everyone here be part of your guy’s journey. And continue to witness your love grow even more. I love you both!


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