In the Nick of Time

time 2You never meet anyone at the wrong time because the right people are timeless.

— Cainfitness

It ‘s a little past midnight when I find myself sitting across my best friend at our favorite pub bar, trying to sober up with water and french fries. With one too many drinks, we are in a heated discussion about sex, love and our exes. Just as I’m about to reach for another fry, it dawns me that the one thing that all of these things have in common… is time.

People say that there is always a right time and a right place for everything. While I may agree with that statement 100%, I still can’t help but to think that Time is a total B!*$# with a capital B.

I take a look at my (somewhat) love life and think about the guys that I have dated. I am lucky to say that half of these guys have been wonderful and I have remained friends with them. Because we have kept in touch, I have been able to watch these guys grow into being even more amazing men. I have also been able to witness these men get new partners, which is not only crushing to my ego, but it makes me feel like the guy in “Good Luck Chuck”, cursed to be the guy to date RIGHT BEFORE they meet The One.

What is it about me that they choose other guys to settle down with? Here I am, a hopeless romantic, good headed, nurturing, charismatic, good looking guy with a big heart, who’s wanted a family since 19 and yet I at the one that is still single! I honestly don’t how I am not more jaded at by now.

I had a boyfriend once tell me as we were breaking up that, I was what he needed at the time. I think about that statement and I can’t help but to become angry because it makes feel used. I totally understand that your experiences are all stepping stones to become the person that you want to be, blah blah blah, but why do you feel you have the right in sacrificing my heart to get there? What was it exactly that he needed. Did he need someone to be not so needy? Did he need someone to make him feel loved? Did he need someone just to have sex with (there’s grinder for that)?  What about my needs. Maybe all I needed was MORE TIME!

The truth about time is that it’s precious, so you have to nurture it to get the best out of it while you can, ‘cause after all, everything unfortunately has an expiration date.

In a conversation of sex, love and exes, time is everything. When is it right to have sex for the first time with someone you have been dating (or haven’t been)? Is your heart ready to love someone after your walls have been built up? How long will it take to let an ex go? And my final question, when will it be my time?

‘Till Next TIME  your Geek in Chic,


Note: The quote above, is from an amazing blogger you guys need to check out. I catch myself re-reading his post just because I can relate to them a lot.



3 thoughts on “In the Nick of Time

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    1. Hello there Sir, Thaks for the comment. Thankfully right after this most I found this incredible man. 2 days ago we finally made it official. I couldn’t be any happier. They Say that there is a right time and a right place for everything. They are right!

  1. Glad to read you found someone! Doing life with someone you love and who loves you is so wonderful! Happy for you man!

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