As I was driving 2 hours back home from visiting my parents, I stepped back and asked myself, what fashion means to me. I mean yes, I love clothes, follow the latest trends, and even dance to my own beat by wearing stuff that might seem a little off to the rest of society but, is that it? Wearing a couple of rags here and there and call it good? Truth is, fashion is whatever you want it to be. We live in a society where a lot of things are viewed as right and wrong and you are expected to follow these rules and boundaries, but as cliché as it sounds, some rules were meant to be broken. Especially, when it come to what you wear. If we were always to color inside the lines, we wouldn’t have evolved, and be where we are today. We could be wearing knickers pants for all we know, and thank God we don’t. But that is what I mean, if we didn’t step outside the box, we would have never come up with these new, amazing beautiful things. Remember fashion is a form of art.

You can ask anyone why they like fashion, and everyone and their mother will tell you that it’s a way that they can express themselves. How someone dresses, can tell you a whole story without the other person having to say a single word (this doesn’t mean judging people). However, one of my most important things you must tell me while projecting your story, is confidence. Own your style, whatever it may be and sell it. There is nothing more sad then when the clothing wears…you. There is a reason why you bought that article of clothing, who knows maybe you wanted to feel sexy, maybe chic, maybe just comfy, but if you don’t project that while wearing it, why wear it in the first place. Besides there is nothing more sexy than confidence. Some people say, I don’t have style, it not true. You have your own style. If you close your eyes I bet that you can picture a friend saying, “That is so you” or, “I can see you wearing that”. While you might not think you have style, you have your own and once again OWN IT!

I would be lying if I didn’t think one of the coolest perks being in a gay relationship is your wardrobe doubling. Though my boyfriend and I like and wear a lot of the same things, we are/wear them completely different. “Be bold, be bold.” My boyfriend is always telling me. Being bold works for him, always mixing patterns, colors, pretty much everything under the sun. While I still like a little edge to my style, my look is a lot more clean cut. Don’t get me wrong he’s clean cut too, but he can put together red, blues, and browns and totally pull it off, but that is his style and it makes it fresh.


Remember, fashion is whatever you want it to be so while it’s rewarding to have big name labels in your closet; fashion is not all about that. These days, more people are going out to thrift shops because you could find the coolest things there. The great thing about that is that you won’t probably see someone else in that top, or bottom. To me that is another thing that fashion is about, being unique. Not to mention, you can still tweak them or get them professionally altered.

Never hold back on wearing something you might not be sure of. Try it on, see what story you are telling. Is it a good story? Most importantly, is that story screaming you. While trying on different styles, or trying to achieve new feelings: sultry, empowering, geeky, never lose yourself. And don’t let the clothes wear you.


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  1. Great post!!!

    My partner, Harold, is always talking about trying new styles and liking something that is a bit outlandish.

    Then he sees the ‘perfect’ sweater – that is just like the 5 he already has – and it’s just wonderful to him. I just laugh because nothing has changed.

    I’ll make sure he reads this – “Try it on, see what story you are telling. Is it a good story? Most importantly, is that story screaming you. ”

    : ) Michael

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