Blogger Fashion Night

A few days ago, Dom and I were asked to take part in a blogger styling night for Old Navy and we were honored, ecstatic even. Anytime you mention fashion or styling you can bet that Dom and I will be all over it. The event is not until tonight but, what we have done thus far was great. Dom and I (during separate times) went over to Old Navy and spent time dressing their mannequins. I’ve dressed many manis before in my retail career but this was surreal because they were MY OUTFITS! Not Only that but they were the window mannequins! Wanting to be a visual merchandiser this was basically heaven and I have to thank Old Navy for that. Tonight we get to help and assist style some of Old Navy’s customers, and I can’t wait!


I’ll be honest; it’s been a couple of months since I have shopped at Old Navy, mostly because my style has changed, but as soon as I stepped in, I couldn’t help but miss it. As I was looking for my mannequins outfits, I realized that what I love about Old Navy is that you will always find your MUST have essentials. They pretty much have it all and I’ll be making a note to shop there more often. For my mannis however I wanted to dress them in this summer’s biggest trend, which most likely transfer over to the fall, the Americana look. Because not every girl wears dresses or shorts I did 3 different styles.

This summer a lot people have been playing with denim. So for my first girl (and probably my favorite) I paired a denim shirt, I added a nautical blue and white deep v tee just to push that Americana look. with some white shorts. Because I PERSONALLY am a little iffy trying denim on denim, I decided to put some white shorts on her with a braded blue belt. For a hot second I wanted to do a Red belt just to add a pop of color but then I thought to 4rth of July. To finish of her look, she has a blue and white printed tote and detailed it with a scarf (Sorry for the bad bag picture, I should have taken a better one. ) This would be a perfect outfit to go run errands, hang out with the girls, have lunch maybe even a drink.


For my girly girls that love dresses, I love this outfit because it can be timeless and any age group can wear it. This dress had a rope detail so I wanted to play with that. I accessorized it with a rope necklace with gold accents, and a white braided belt to tie it in with the theme as well. The cardigan is light enough that you can get away with wearing it in the summer. And it carries into an outfit that can be worn at night so if it gets chilly or cooler it’ll keep you nice and warm.


My last manni, is also very veritable to wear you can make it a day or evening outfit by taking off the white denim jacket since the top is silk. I did layer multiple bangles but I don’t think any girl complains about having too many. I also rolled up her pants just to make it more youthful and playful as well with some cute jeweled sandles. This outfit you can wear to run errands, go shopping, go to a bbq, dinner with your boyfreind! ANYTHING!!!


I cannot wait until tonight. i also styles some men mannequins but for before this post gets to lengthy I will continue another night. Also STAY TUNNED and see how tonight went.
Love You All
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One Day at a Time

It’s two o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep. In this situation, most people would be tossing and turning, counting sheep, and cursing at the wind to get some rest, I however have a smile on my face. I could sit here and tell you that the last few weeks for me have been the time of my life, that it has been a walk in the park and have enjoyed every minute of it, but I can’t because then I would be lying. With my sister’s sweet 15, leaving a job and getting settled in into a new one, making plans to go back to school, keeping up with friendships, maintaining a healthy relationship with my boyfriend, it’s been hard.

I look at Dom, (my boyfriend) as he lays happily asleep right next to me, and I ask myself, how in the world did I ever get here? Sure, I have always said that by the  age of 25 I wanted to be settled down. With my own home, stable Well Paying job, boyfriend, talking about marriage or maybe even thinking  about kids, But never in a million years, would I’ve actually think it was going to come true. You are looking at someone that hadn’t had a relationship in 3 years, who lives in a city where the word love or relationship isn’t cherished, especially in the gay community. And here he is, snoring silently, spread out, with no blankets ’cause it’s too hot. How could I be so lucky, how could I’ve almost let him go a couple of days ago?


Truth is, I am scared out of my mind. While he has been in multiple relationships, this is all so new to me. For as long as I can remember, besides friends and family it has always been me by myself, even when I had my last relationship. I haven’t had that person who really cared for me, accepted me for who and what I am. Who would hold me and tell me they love me… and acually mean it.That person that I can come home to everyday and know that there will always be a hug and a kiss when I get there. And when I think about all of those things, I freak out, panic and do what I know best, push. I have pushed him away so far to the point where he questions if I love him? And I know, it’s not fair. because he, as well as I deserve to feel wanted. But how do I, risk my heart getting hurt. When do I finally stop thinking that I am living a dream because he is too good to be true?  When can I be stop being paranoid and thinking that the rug can get pulled right from under me at any second? My parents once said that faces come and go And while that may be true, I’m not ready to let him go.

<bowtie boys

This last week has been more hectic then I could ever want. But I wouldn’t take it back.  Our relationship was tested. And while we completely bombed some aspects of our relationship, we didn’t fail, we don’t have to throw in the towel. We work, because no one ever said that it was ever going to be easy. I know I have the most work to do, and need let him in more regardless of my fears. After all, I want him to be my future.  Trust me, I know that nothing is forever, but I also know that I will always try fighting ’till I reach it, one day at a time