Blogger Fashion Night

A few days ago, Dom and I were asked to take part in a blogger styling night for Old Navy and we were honored, ecstatic even. Anytime you mention fashion or styling you can bet that Dom and I will be all over it. The event is not until tonight but, what we have done... Continue Reading →


As I was driving 2 hours back home from visiting my parents, I stepped back and asked myself, what fashion means to me. I mean yes, I love clothes, follow the latest trends, and even dance to my own beat by wearing stuff that might seem a little off to the rest of society but,... Continue Reading →

One Day at a Time

It’s two o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep. In this situation, most people would be tossing and turning, counting sheep, and cursing at the wind to get some rest, I however have a smile on my face. I could sit here and tell you that the last few weeks for me have been... Continue Reading →

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