Little Black Wedding

With summer finally coming to its arrival, we can not only expect pool parties, BBQs, sandals, or beachwear, but wedding bells as well. Summer is the perfect time for weddings. Everything is green, the weather is perfect, to where you don’t have to worry about having sucky weather if you decide to have an outside wedding.

Now, if you’re not the bride or groom, or in the party (hopefully, you’re not stuck wearing those not so cute bridesmaid dresses), then you might ask yourself, “What do I wear?” Working in retail the biggest most frequent question I have been getting asked lately… “Can I wear black to a wedding?”

The answer is YES! I mean, wearing mint, coral, or even floral prints to a summer outdoor wedding is more likely to be ideal, but black as always remains to be a classic, sophisticated, chic (didn’t get my name for no reason) color. Black no longer has to remain for funerals. Just think, that that timeless little black dress that you absolutely love, is it only reserved for funerals? HELL NO. If you look good, sexy, classy, and CONFIDENT, you wear that little black dress and you wear it proud. The thing is, that you have to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear, even if it’s a potato sack. Not only that but black goes with anything and everything, so even if you do end up wearing black to a wedding don’t forget that you can make it fun, unique and totally you.

20130612-055136.jpg 5471_bldress

Don’t forget that in a world of accessories, the sky is the limit. Treat black as a white canvas, and spatter color here and there. If you still have doubts about wearing black then this is your opportunity to glam and spice things up. You can never go wrong with a necklace. Especially one as bright as this one. Yellow on black makes things warmer and softens you up. Now if you are feeling a little more sultry, then a red accessories are perfect. Red clutch, heels, and heck why not, throw some red lipstick as well. Just remember keep it classy and not trashy.

20130612-055504.jpg 20130612-055514.jpg

If you know that the wedding will last until after dark, and it might get a little nippy. Remember that a blazer can be your BFF. And if it’s with some sort of fun color, pattern, or texture, even better. You can also do fun and cute tights. Dimension is key. Think of it as using something else other than color pencils, use it all, water colors, chalk. You are a work of art and now that little black dress looks even better then it did before.

As for my men: Like women have their little black dress, we will always have out black suit. Now in times like these we might or might not (mostly not!) go matchy, matchy with her. Just because we decide to wear our black suit doesn’t mean we can’t spice thing up too! We are living in world where men’s fashion is becoming more relevant and we need to embrace it.

20130612-055543.jpg 20130612-055558.jpg

Now I am a fan of being clean cut and crisp. But while wearing your suit, with a white button up is traditional, you have to be careful not to look to much like the groom/wedding party OR the help. The last thing you need is to mistaken and asked for a refill on their water. Sometimes when wearing the 3 piece suit with white, as soon as the jacket comes off, it tends to look kind of waiterish, so make sure wear a colored tie, stripes, plaid, anything else besides black. Remember you want to spice it up. Also the more tailored the better.


The ultimate fashion statement would be to look like James Bond. Whenever I think of Mr. Bond first thing that comes to mind is his signature bowtie. Bowties have made a big comeback over the last 3 years, so wearing one should not be anything out of this world. Just as Mr. Justin Timberlake. Each day more men are adding it to their everyday casual wardrobes, (but that is a different blog). Not only is it classy but if you want to do the black and white, the bowtie will take you out of that waiter look.

20130612-055638.jpg 20130612-055754.jpg

Lastly, the patterned shirt… love it. Not only does it adds a youthful, trendy feel, but it keeps it looking classy and sophisticated. You can’t go wrong with adding those extra colors to your black! I mean look at Mr. Criss Darren. Whether it’s on an episode of Glee, a red carpet event, or on his day off, his wardrode is always at it’s best, but then again he look good with or without clothing. Just kidding… but really.

Truth is, you can never go wrong with wearing black. Whether it is to a funeral, go grocery shopping, rto that wedding, it never goes out of style. Black will always be the new…. black.

Until next time, Your Geek in Chik



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